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Super Visa

What is Super Visa?

This Visa is a temporary resident permit which will allow parents and grandparents stay for up to 2 years per visit, This can be used as long term multiple entry Visa.

Why Super Visa?

  • It allows applicant to stay for extended period of time. Maximum of 2 years
  • It is meant for Parents or Grandparents of Canadian Citizen
  • Another advantage of Parents and Grandparents Super Visa is its relatively short processing time of approximately 8-weeks

Super Visa Eligibility

  • Eligible for Visitor Visa in Canada
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of relationship
  • Proof of Medical Insurance

Applicant family member in Canada Eligibility Demonstrate that they are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; Provide the applicant with a letter of invitation. Demonstrate their income is above a predetermined minimum level: LICO- Click here to know amounts Once the profile is created, the system generates score based on the provided information and documents. The score can be increased if the applicant has an arranged employment offer from a Canadian employer or by improving their language skills.